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1. Where can I find Whipsy?

2. How much alcohol is in one can?

3. When will you have more flavors?

4. How can I demand it in my area?

5. What's your story?

6. What are your shipping restrictions?

7. Do you ship internationally?

8. What is Whipsy exactly?

9. What are the dietary restrictions?

10. I am a store owner/media reporter? How can I get a sample kit?

11. Do I refrigerate or not?

  1. At your favorite shopping place that sells wine. If they don't have it on the shelves then they must be out. If they're out, find the store manager and demand they restock it.
  2. For scientists: 27 proof which means 13.5% alcohol
    For you: Enough to make your slice of pie equivalent to two beers.
  3. We like three flavors. There's something sexy about three. Try them twice! We have Ooh-La-La Original, Hazey Hazelnut, and Loco Cocoa.
  4. If you want it online, check to see if we ship to your area.
    Go to our online store:
  5. At New Orleans Whipped Cream Co., our small dairy in New Orleans, we had been making gourmet whipped cream for Louisianians and decided to shake things up and approach a national market. Our former brand Whip-C was non-alcoholic and available in several specialty flavors. We received multiple requests to make a specialty whipped topping infused with alcohol and we returned with Whipsy! It's every bit as good as Whip-C with less calories and the added touch of 13.5 % alcohol.
  6. We don't currently ship product to: AK, AL, AR, HI, KY, LA, MA, MS, MT, NV, NY, PA, UT.
  7. We are in talks with several international distributors. Use the contact us form if you are interested in distribution.
  8. In a word, amazing! In five words, Wine-infused, flavored whipped cream. Comes out of the aerosol can whipped.
  9. Ex. Can I drink it if I am Lactose intolerant? Diabetic?
    Yes and yes, but consult your doctor before consuming food or beverages that contain sugar if you are diabetic.
  10. Use the contact us form and we will get back to you momentarily.
  11. Whipsy is still tasty either way. It is up to you, and the product will be fine either way. Product is creamier when cool.